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Our goal is to promote a strong bond between owner/handler and dog through a variety of training methods.

Obedience- All dogs should have a solid base before moving on to other disciplines of training. For basic obedience, we offer Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Heel on leash. In the advanced obedience portion, we offer the same basic commands, however work will be off leash.

Patrol Functions- offers all disciplines of patrol work including apprehension, area searches, building searches, call offs, handler protection, transports and more.

Decoy Training-  includes bite work with bite sleeve and bite suit, and hidden bite sleeve.

Detection- includes  Narcotics and Explosives Detection  but not limited to narcotics and explosives. Instruction includes working through distraction scents, offering a primary reward versus a secondary reward.

Trailing   -  includes running hot trails, warm trails and cold trails. Instruction includes how to properly start each trail, techniques for gathering scent articles and working through split trails, lost trail and more.

    We can assist with canine selection to help ensure the right temperament and proper drives for your needs.


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