Thank you for your interest in O'MALLEY'S K-9 SERVICES. O'Malley's K-9 is located in Buffalo, NY.  We  provide high quality training using a combination of the most  current canine training methods to suit the individual and handler. Our objective is to provide you with a K-9 of the highest caliber that is  both professional and safe through sound training and maintenance.    
    Contact us to assist in selection and evaluation based on your needs. Our instruction covers areas of training such as obedience, patrol, detection,  and man trailing.





Michael Zepecki - Owner
Certified Instructor/Handler
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    I have been working in emergency services for over 16 years. In that time I have come to realize the importance of the relationship between animals and humans. So, it was only natural that I became interested in animal behavior and training.

        I have been working with dogs for the past 8 years while attending K-9 training seminars, as well as, competing in sporting dog trials. I have recently returned from the North State Training Academy (Tarheel Canine) were I received my Police K-9 Instructors Certification and K-9 Handler Certification.  K-9 Alex and I were certified in Narcotics Detection and Man Trailing.

    Animals are our guardians, protectors and most of all they are our friends and we are the same to them.















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